Beginner's Tutorial

If your site is equipped with a sitemap, you can issue a request to crawl your site using the Deepi crawler easily and without writing a single line of code, and use all the features of Deepi on your site.
If you do not have a Deepi account yet, you can create one for free at Deepi.
Once you have created your account, and you have signed in:

1. Go to the setting page

2. Create a new project for your first website.

3. Enter the sitemap url of your website during the project creation, or update it after creating the project.

4. If your Deepi account credit is positive, click on the Crawl button to crawl content of your website pages with the help of Deepi crawlers.
After that, you can see the crawl status in the crawls section of the setting page.

5. Add Deepi search bar to your site pages using this code.