Terms of Service

This text contains the terms that you accept by viewing or using the content, tools and services of Sharif, as a regular user or a registered user. This agreement makes the relationship between us, the search service provider, and you, the dear user, more transparent, and in the event of a dispute between us and you, it can be used for arbitration or judgment in legal dispute resolution authorities. By registering at Sharif and using any of our services, the user confirms that the provisions of the three documents 'Terms of Service', 'Service Level Agreement (SLA) )' and 'Privacy Policy' has been informed, accepted them and adheres to the issues raised in all three documents. Since the contents of each of the mentioned documents may be revised and updated at any time by Sharif, it is necessary for the user to always refer to the links related to each one and Be aware of their updates and possible changes. Although the user's failure to refer to these three documents will not prevent the implementation of its provisions and these documents will be implemented immediately after any changes. Any viewing or use of any of the components of the website and services of Sharif means that you are aware of, agree to, accept and adhere to the provisions of all three documents. Therefore, if any of the provisions of this document are not acceptable to you, please stop using the Sharif website search or viewing services.

Intellectual property rights

We use the names Sharif and Sharif. The exclusive ownership and all material and intellectual rights of this name, applied ideas, product, service and content published in any form on the sharifsearch.ir website and under any of its subdomains for Sharif It is reserved and its use and exploitation in any form and with any intention, for personal, commercial or public benefit projects and affairs, either directly or indirectly, without written permission from Sharif is prohibited and It is not allowed. Graphical interfaces, designs and illustrations, information and data, computer codes, educational texts and other elements produced by Sharif are examples of published content. In the event of any unauthorized exploitation, Sharif reserves the right to file related legal claims and pursue its rights through legal channels.

Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Sharif is registered in Iran and operates under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran; As a result, publishing and distributing any criminal content according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran or searching for it using the services of Sharif in any way is against the law and violates the terms of this agreement. We do not accept criminal content on Sharif and will prevent the distribution and search of such content as soon as we become aware of it; In such a case, the money received from the customer will not be returned. Publication of immoral and sexual content and images, support, cooperation or sale of drugs, mass killing equipment, cooperation and support of domestic and foreign terrorist and separatist groups, or any other activity that is against the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is subject to the prohibition of distribution and search in Sharif will be.

Copyright and other applicable international laws

By using Sharif, you agree to comply with the laws of Iran and the international customs of the Internet and the laws and customs in force in any case or region covered by Sharif's services. and you will not take any action that in any way creates any liability for Sharif, and upon this happening, you assume all related legal responsibilities. Sharif reserves the right to provide user information at any time based on requests, complaints and reports received from Internet enforcement agencies and competent entities and persons. or stop providing services to the user. In this situation, the funds paid will not be returned.

Confidential information

By subscribing to and using Sharif's products and by storing data or passing your website search traffic through this cloud system, you allow Sharif in the framework Your privacy policy will receive, review and analyze all requests sent by users of your site, prevent potential attacks and send filtered content to the main server(s). The statistics and reports obtained from the set of these operations will be available to you in the user panel. All information related to a website, including the contact information of the owners of that content, the characteristics and behavior of users, the amount and distribution of users, is considered confidential with Sharif and is not available to any company or Iranian or international institutions will not be included.

Non-confidential information

Sharif is allowed to process the information and traffic passed through its cloud system and use it in an analytical form to use it in order to improve the service, deploy new pop-ups, develop services or other necessary cases. Publish reports when needed. This information will be used with confidentiality in mind. Note: Judicial or administrative order, order or legal decree within the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran or any of the places where Sharif has a pop site or server, as well as orders issued by competent international authorities. As appropriate, it can take precedence over any stated or unsaid confidentiality provisions; This means that it will suspend, stop or cancel the implementation of any of them, and in this situation, no objection will be accepted and Sharif will not bear any responsibility in this regard.


To create an account, you need to enter your information according to the information contained in your official identification documents. By entering incorrect information in the user account, it will be your responsibility. If one or more of your information changes, you need to edit and update it in your account as soon as possible. It will be your responsibility to enter the information correctly and completely and to protect your chosen password, and if the weakness of the password leads to intrusion into your user account, Sharif is not responsible.

Password protection responsibility

Sharif has tried to prevent users from using simple passwords, but users may use common passwords or are not careful enough in keeping their passwords. In this situation, the Sharif search service may be disrupted or misused by misusing that password. In this situation, Sharif will not accept any responsibility. Sharif strongly emphasizes that you use complex passwords and avoid publishing them in virtual and physical form.

Ownership of the homepage domain

The user creating a project must be the owner of the main page of the project or his legal representative. Otherwise, the reference for dealing with any user disputes regarding the home page address and slug ID of users' projects is Sharif.

Digital communication

By using the Sharif services, you agree to receive digital communications such as notifications, emails, text messages, notifications, support in the form of ticket replies, etc. instead of traditional methods of communication such as fax, phone, letter and visit in person; As a result, any correspondence through the mentioned digital methods will be legally valid.

Subscribe to the newsletter

By creating a Sharif account, you agree to receive e-mails and text messages (SMS) and the Sharif newsletter. If you do not wish to receive these, you can unsubscribe, but in this case, Sharif will not be responsible for your lack of awareness of messages from these communication channels.

Use free services

If you use Sharif's free services, you are not covered by dedicated support, service level agreements (SLAs) and disruption compensation. Sharif reserves the right to change the functionality and features of the free level of its services at any time, or to remove them altogether, and the free provision of these services or their continuation is never an obligation for Sharif will not create.

Trial versions (alpha, beta)

Those Sharif services that are declared in the status of 'trial version' (alpha or beta) are not in a stable state and should not be used by users for the production and supply of their final and original product. Sharif reserves the right to make changes to its trial version services or to remove information on this category of services at any time. In the latter case, data recovery will not be possible.

Gift code and discounts and promotions

The gift code, discounts and all amounts given to users as gifts in advertisements and campaigns can only be used for the same user and cannot be sold, assigned or transferred to another user. Also, it is not possible to return the money to the customer and settle these codes and discounts in Rials. These amounts will be visible in your wallet or invoice as a discount or gift code and will only be used to use Sharif services. Each gift code issued by Sharif has a specific expiration date, and if the user does not use the gift code within the valid period, the code will be invalidated and will not be issued again.


Payment amounts added to the wallet are only used for using Sharif services, and it is not possible to return the money to the customer and settle their Rials.

Service cancellation

If your account is in arrears, you must first pay the assessed fee to cancel your use of Sharif's services. To cancel the services, it is necessary to stop all the services in your user account and delete the information you have on each service, otherwise you will be responsible for the settlement. Canceling your use of one or more Sharif services at the same time means that you officially declare that you no longer need the information on the services. Currently, it is not possible to delete or deactivate the user account.

Scope of technical support services

Sharif technical support experts provide support only in the field of problems related to Sharif products.


When there is a disruption in your use of any of Sharif's services, compensation will be done based on the service quality level agreement (SLA) and by assigning credit to your user account, and this credit can be settled It does not have a bank. Allocating credit as compensation is done only for users covered by the SLA contract, and users who have negative accounts and debts to the company will not be included. To use this possibility, you need to send an official letter or register a 'ticket' in the Sharif support system with the title 'credit service request' and contain reports and system logs indicating the problems that have occurred. Sharif has no responsibility in compensating the damages and losses incurred or the possible benefits of the deceased beyond what is included in the SLA, and will not undertake anything except the allocation of credit services under any circumstances.

Pricing and price changes

The price of all services and products of Sharif is calculated hourly and based on the price of the day in the Pay As You Go manner and according to what is stated on the pricing page. Price changes of Sharif products will be notified to users through the website or email before they become effective, and since the price change, the costs will be based on the new pricing for all customers (old and new). will be calculated.

Sharif's terms and conditions for termination of services

Due to the Pay As You Go pricing method and Pre Paid use of Sharif products, immediately after the account balance becomes zero, all Sharif services b> to you, will be suspended. As the account continues to be negative and the wallet is not charged, as long as the projects are not canceled by the user, the basic cost of maintaining the indexes will be added to the current invoice and the user's bill will be more negative. If this situation continues after a short period of time, the user's projects will be deleted and their re-creation will require re-sending the pages and paying the initial re-processing fee.


The final price of Sharif services will be included in your invoice after including value added tax according to the country's tax laws, and when the percentage of value added tax is changed according to the law, this change will be reflected in the user's bill { {DOMAIN_NAME}} will also be included.

Unavoidable events

Sharif is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations during unavoidable events such as natural disasters, war, riots, strikes, boycotts, internet outages and domestic and international communications. As long as these conditions extend to the discretion of Sharif and affect and suspend the provision of our services, there will be no responsibility or obligation towards Sharif. Although we try to reduce the effects of these cases on the provision of services to users.

The right to change is reserved

Sharif has the right to change things such as technical specifications, levels (plans) of products and terms of use of its services in general or in detail at any time and without informing the user. The latest version of these items will be uploaded on the site Sharif and will be available to users from this page.

Last update date: Aug 2022